About Bridget

Based near Marlborough in Wiltshire, I have been working as a personal fitness trainer since 2009 and during this time have worked with many post-natal mums.  When I first heard about the Hypopressive Method from a colleague, I knew immediately it would be a great method to teach my mums, but would also help many other clients with a variety of conditions like incontinence and pelvic organ prolapses which are all too common.

Helping clients with chronic problems simply with the use of a breathing technique is an enlightening experience and has become my passion! My mission is to spread the word that surgery is often not necessary and 20 – 25 minutes of daily Hypopressive exercises will do the trick if you stick at it! It has been very satisfying seeing client’s quality of life improve before my very eyes especially when helping long-term incontinence and MS sufferers.

Qualifications in Hypopressive Instruction
  • June 2014       Introductory Workshop with Pinsach & Rial, London
  • March 2015    Level 1 Instructor’s Course with UK Hypopressives, Basingstoke
  • March 2017    Level 2 Instructor’s Course with UK Hypopressives, Southampton